Sensei Anatoly Shudlyak, 3rd dan Sokarate

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Sensei Anatoly Shudlyak

Sensei Anatoly Shudlyak, 3rd dan Sokarate
Higher education, graduated from the national University. Ostrogradsky, law. He also studied at pedagogical, sports, psychological and philosophical areas.

The fifth grade played sports, martial arts. Champion and prizewinner of regional and state level in karate, kickboxing, Boxing. Trained and attested at the master’s degrees (black belt) in areas such as the pankration, karate and capoeira, Brazilian JIU-jitsu. In addition, a specialist in knife fighting, fencing, applied pankration.

Participates in the preparation of special forces of the army, the police in the Ukrainian battalion sports, specialization: unarmed combat and tactical-special training.

Crossfit coach and yoga teacher.

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